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Working at the store.....

I've taken advantage our beautiful weather these past two weeks and worked on my garden, flower beds and overall landscape. It looks great and is well worth any pain my back is giving me (I'm getting old - ugh!) Now that its raining, I've turned my attention to the store. There's always lots to do, today I inventoried the Easter items (with Coronavirus there is more leftover inventory than usual), made labels for various items, did some much needed back room organizing, and caught up on some computer work. I'm working on getting a new inventory system and tomorrow I will spend a good part of the day researching what is out there. It feels good to be back at the store and its made me all the more determined that the store survive this coronavirus issue. I hope everyone is still healthy and safe. If the weather permits, go outside, it truly helps lift the spirits. Reach out to me if you need anything, the store's email address is

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