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Spring is almost here!

We are so excited for spring. The flowers are blooming, trees are budding and the store officially rolled out the spring floral and decorations. Come into the store and check out our wedding display that we put up. It has fun products that help make any wedding festive. We have our Easter candy and products ready for purchase as well as lots of home décor and gift items for any age. Now that we have "sprung" ahead with daylight savings time, the days are longer and everything seems a bit more cheerful.

With spring comes spring cleaning and I want to take the time to insure our customers that Teri's This-N-That always has cleaning and hygiene as a top priority. With the coronavirus being a major concern, we make it a priority to constantly clean and sanitize everything in our store. We appreciate our customers that continue to come into the store. It is always slow in retail this time of the year and it's especially slow due to the coronavirus concerns. Thankfully we have great customers that continue to shop here in Enumclaw. We love and thank all of you!

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