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2020 is off to a great start!

We've reached the halfway point of our first quarter! The first four months of the year are always tough for retail as everyone is still recovering from the holidays. We use this opportunity to work on our merchandising, organizing the back room and spend more time visiting with our customers. We also have been slowly putting in all our spring items. With all this rain and overcast days, we're very anxious for spring.

We've got some great spring flowers, vases, signs and other products that display great in homes, on the porch, in the garden and any other place that could use some spring décor. We also have beautiful furniture for sale. I'll post a blog soon that explains where we go to order our furniture and where it is made.

I'm anxious for the days to be longer, the weather warmer and the sun to shine! I hope to see you all at the store soon.

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